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About Eris Associates

Eris Associates offers a broad range of services ranging from consultancy and project management all the way through to development, training and support of bespoke systems.

  • migration to Open Source solutions
  • commercial support for Linux and OpenSource
    • system administration
    • technical support
    • end user support
  • project management
  • system installation and configuration
  • bespoke development
  • training

We specialize in leveraging the power and flexibility of Linux and OpenSource solutions to create modern business solutions in a rapid and cost effective manner.

Our engineers have in depth skills in Linux to kernel and device driver level, design and administration of large clusters (e.g. 1000s of machines used in banking and bioinformatics applications) and performance tuning of application code - as well as supporting skills in web design, internet protocols, multiple languages (C, Perl, etc.).



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